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Saksham Gati is a service and solutions provider in Coal, Timber, Steel, Rubber, Yarn, Textile Dyes, Petrochemicals, Limestone Wines & Spirits. Today the company is transforming itself into total a solution provider in the major hub of the Far East. Our focus is in the innovative technology-driven solutions and in creating positive experiences for our customers and business…. Read More

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    Saksham Gati distributes all kinds yarns in various forms of fibres including Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Linen, Polynosic, elastic core spun, high-twist and for weaving and knitting and weaving applications..

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    Saksham Gati exports sawn timbers timber/round logs, plywood & building materials. We are a leading supplier of softwoods, hardwoods, panels and other construction materials worldwide..

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    Saksham Gati has taken up a new challenge in the coal business in recognising energy demands of the future & economic growth. Coal is one of our most important factors of energy source..

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    Saksham Gati is an International supplier for all types of Rubber, Latexes, high-quality Butyl Rubber & Synthetic Rubber. Natural Rubber is produced from latex obtained..

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    Saksham Gati is an international supplier exporting wide range of austenitic and ferritic grades in stainless steel. With our successful experience service & provider with our ..

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    Saksham Gati is an international leading wine distributor with wide networks to restaurants, hotels, wine bars, supermarkets & wine retail shops. We carry a wide range of wines..

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    Saksham Gati is an International supplier for all types of Textile Dyes and Chemicals. These Dyes are used in the Textile Industry.We are able to supply a variety of dyes to meet the specific…….

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    Saksham Gati has been present in the chemicals sector for some time and recent years have seen us increase our activities. We are one of the leading suppliers of High Density Polyethylene..

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    Saksham Gati distributes various types of Limestone for building material, roads construction in the world. The Stone Crushing Plant at Bengkulu, Sumatera, Indonesia are able to produce split ….

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