SAKSHAM GATI exports sawn timber, round logs, plywood & building materials. We are a leading supplier of softwoods, hardwoods, panels and other construction materials worldwide.

Sawn Timber is classified into 2 categories, Hardwoods & Softwoods.

Hardwoods: Dark Red/Yellow Meranti, Keruing, Kempas Balau, Oba Suluk , Kapur & Merbau
Softwoods: Radiata Pine, Eliotis Pine & Yellow Pine.
Round Logs Our logs originate from Malaysia; the available logs are Dark Red, Yellow Meranti, Keruing, Kempas, Balau, Oba Suluk, Kapur & Merbau
Plywood All types of plywood are available such as Pine and Hardwood with different sizes, thickness & grading.

Our suppliers are mainly from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Our major buyers are in South Asia, China, Middle East, Europe and South Africa. Our policy has always been to maintain a consistently high level of quality and reliability throughout our range of timbers to our customers. Our suppliers work energetically to ensure the best quality of timber is delivered.